What You Need to Know About AC SEER Ratings

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The SEER abbreviation stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a rating air conditioners receive that designates their overall efficiency. A system’s SEER rating is determined by dividing its cooling output throughout a warm season by the energy used. The less electricity the system requires, the higher its SEER rating. It’s important to note that the SEER rating is the system’s maximum possible efficiency and can be lowered depending on various factors like lack of maintenance.

Importance of SEER

Air conditioners that are between 10 to 15 years old often have SEER ratings no higher than 10. You can find your system’s rating by checking its EnergyGuide sticker or by researching the model and brand. Today, new air conditioners are federally required to have at least a 14 SEER rating, with some advanced units going as high as 21.

When you opt for a higher SEER rating, you’re able to take advantage of exceptional energy efficiency and greater indoor comfort. You’ll also be more environmentally friendly as these systems have smaller carbon footprints.

What Is SEER2?

If you’ve recently shopped for air conditioners, you may have noticed they come with a SEER2 rating rather than a traditional SEER designation. SEER2 is similar to SEER but has been upgraded to provide more accurate energy efficiency readings. SEER2 ratings take into consideration potential static pressure in the ductwork and other real-life conditions that can impact efficiency.

Whether you’re buying a brand-new unit with a SEER2 rating or an older model with a SEER tag, you still want to aim for a high rating. Choosing an energy-efficient unit will save you money on your monthly utility bills for years to come.

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