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    Lennox Furnace Replacement and Installation in Littleton ColoradoDo you need a expert furnace company in Littleton? Call our furnace replacement department today to receive a free estimate on a new furnace. We will send our Home Comfort Advisor to your home to assess your situation and provide options that best fit your needs and budget. Once you have decided it’s time to get a replacement furnace, our professional Home Comfort Advisors will help you decide what brand, model, efficiency and size you need. There are many types of furnaces available on the market and our team makes it easy to decide what system is best for you and your family. Our team has been serving Littleton and the surrounding areas since 1972 and take pride in our work.

    Here is what you can expect with our furnace replacement company in Littleton:

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    When Should I Replace My Furnace?

    Furnaces should be replaced about every 10-15 years on average. A properly installed heating system can last for more than 20 years, with proper routine maintenance. Sometimes, furnace repairs become too costly and getting a new furnace makes the most sense as well. There are many benefits to replacing your furnace. Newer heating systems are more energy efficient and can save you money on energy bills. Even after a new furnace replacement, you should make sure to get routine maintenance done on your system to ensure a longer life-span on your system.

    What to expect when purchasing a replacement furnace

    A new replacement furnace will operate and perform quite differently than older designed furnaces. In order to gain efficiency heat exchanger designs and airflow movement around them had to change substantially.

    Here are some benefits you can expect from replacing your furnace:
    • Lower utility costs on energy bills
    • Increased indoor comfort
    • Better air satisfaction throughout the home

    New furnaces are broken down into two basic categories – 80% efficient and 90%+ high efficient. The main differences between the two are 90%+ efficient furnaces are condensing furnaces via a secondary heat exchanger. In the secondary heat exchanger, flue gasses are condensed and the residual heat in the condensate is extracted and applied to the air moving across the heat exchanger causing improved efficiency. The difference in design and operation can take efficiencies up to 98%. These furnaces also require special venting systems and be installed in a location where condensate removal can be achieved and protection from freezing can be achieved. 80% efficient replacement furnaces can generally vent into your existing venting system and require less maintenance than the 90%+ furnaces.

    New Furnace Replacement Done Right in Littleton!

    Lennox Installation Process for New FurnaceThere are several differences between the 80% and 90%  efficient units. With either furnace the smaller heat exchanger design requires more airflow to prevent overheating than the older design furnaces, so they can produce more air flow noise and lower outlet temperatures, but the lower outlet temperatures can provide longer run cycles which in turn provide better air stratification throughout the home and create more comfort and even temperatures. Multi-stage or variable capacity replacement furnaces take run cycle time, even temperatures and comfort to another level when operating at reduced BTU capacities which in turn reduces operating costs even further. Add variable speed blower motors which are electronically efficient to the mix, they can elevate the indoor comfort even more and also help provide better indoor air quality with continuous fan operation at reduced cfm rates when installing in conjunction high-efficiency media filters.

    No matter which replacement furnace you decide on when compared to older design furnaces you will get more efficient operation and better indoor comfort, so you really can’t go wrong with either furnace. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our Home Comfort Advisors for your Littleton home!