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    What is a Home Comfort Plan?

    Our Home Comfort Plan is a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan to protect your heating and air conditioning equipment. It provides homeowners with seasonal operational and safety inspections and overall equipment evolutions to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation. The benefits don’t stop there!

    Our Home Comfort Plan members also receive:
    • Considerable discounts on services, repairs, and furnace or air conditioner replacements
    • Service fee waived
    • Extended warranties
    • Priority service at no extra charge
    • 7 days per week service availability
    • Up to 2lbs. of refrigerant if required at the time of your spring/summer air conditioning inspection

    Why should I invest in a Home Comfort Plan?

    Home Comfort Plan Littleton ColoradoPeace of mind!!! Besides all of the benefits listed above, we take the worry out of remembering to have your furnace or air conditioner serviced. Our office staff will call or email you to set up your maintenance appointments when they are due.

    Why are inspections and maintenance important? In one year, your heating and air conditioning equipment can run as many as 2,000 hours, equivalent to 70,000 miles on your vehicle.When you neglect your HVAC equipment, you pay a hefty price in wasted fuel, costly repairs, and shortened furnace or air conditioner life. Having your HVAC equipment regularly inspected and maintained results in fewer service repairs, lower energy costs, extended equipment life and greater safety.

    Who should buy a Home Comfort Plan?

    Anyone that owns heating and air conditioning equipment should own a Home Comfort Plan. No matter what the age of your furnace or air conditioner weather it is brand new or 10 years old or more they should be covered by a Home Comfort Plan. When you purchase new furnace or air conditioner, the equipment manufacturers require them to be inspected yearly throughout the warranty period by a professional heating and air conditioning contractor and that you keep written proof of each inspection on hand to keep factory warranties valid.

    Warranty Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning
    Our Home Comfort Plan has you covered. Each of our Home Comfort Plan inspections comes with a written detailed report of the equipments condition to satisfy all the manufacturers warranty mandates. Simply the Best! If you have been neglecting your HVAC equipment, forget to get it inspected every year, have brand new furnace or air conditioner, want the peace of mind of knowing your equipment is safely operating or just want to save money, time and hassles, we have a Home Comfort Plan for you. Don’t make your HVAC system and your wallet suffer any longer, Call us Today!

    Flat Rate Pricing-Why?

    Flat Rate Pricing - Littleton Heating and Air ConditioningWe at Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning would like you to know that our service department has adopted the Flat Rate method of pricing service work and installation. It is nationally recognized, and was developed to make sure that you, Our Customer could feel in control of a service call from beginning to end. For many years, those in our business have used the “Time Material” method of pricing service work.

    We would tell you that there would be some basic charge for the initial on-site period (usually one-half hour) and then $xx.xx dollars per hour plus materials from that point on. One problem with the “Time Material” method is that some customers are in the unfortunate position of paying more for a given service task than others because the technician on the job is very good, but slower than others. Sometimes poor weather conditions slow down a job, causing you to pay a higher final cost. Or maybe a part needed for your system is not on the truck, and you pay for the time it takes to obtain it.

    In the past, we had no better way to price service work. But developments in our industry now make it possible to offer you a better choice. A nationally respected organization has accumulated data on the proper time to complete thousands of service tasks. This time is based on a fully trained and qualified technician with the latest diagnostic tools arriving at you home or business.We will give you a firm price for the trip and thorough diagnosis of your system, which we call our diagnostic fee, first. Then, once we discover the problem, we will give you a firm up-front price to repair it. This price will include everything all labor, parts, miscellaneous materials, and parts acquisition time, if any. Using this quoted service pricing method there are no longer any big surprises at the end of the job.

    After all, it is just as discouraging for us as for you when the repair bill grows so large that you might have considered replacing your old equipment before spending so much to fix it. With Flat Rate Pricing you can be in control of the service cost every step of the way. The bottom line is that Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning only installs the highest quality original equipment manufacturer parts or superior quality replacement parts that we know are going to last. Please let us know your comments concerning Flat Rate Pricing and any other areas in which we can be of service. No matter how small the displeasure or how minor the irritation; we want to know when you are not happy with our service. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Thanks again for being our customer!


    Why Replace Your Old EquipmentOlder furnaces or air conditioners may run for years without major mechanical problems, but even so, they use so much energy that they become very expensive to operate. Equipment of fifteen years ago, like the automobiles of that era, is much less efficient than that of today.In fact, most older furnaces and air conditioners are vastly less efficient than the models that Lennox now offers.

    For example, a typical gas furnace more than ten years old may operate at only half the efficiency of some new Lennox high-efficiency models. Older heat pumps and air conditioners have the same drawback. Even units only five years old may operate at very low efficiencies, compared to today’s Lennox models. In addition to costing you more to operate because of its low efficiency, every day you operate your old heating and cooling equipment, you run more of a risk of breakdown.

    So whether you’re faced with a breakdown or just know that your heating and cooling equipment is getting old, now is the time to replace it with a Lennox high-efficiency system. In a few short years, your energy savings will pay for the cost of the system, and you will enjoy priceless peace of mind knowing that you have a new, reliable furnace and air conditioner that you can count on. That’s why more and more of today’s homeowners are realizing that replacing old equipment – even if it’s still running – makes sense.

    We do offer Financing – same as cash – W.A.C. , specials, discounts and rebates. It is easy.