How to Clean Your Filters

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Now that the seasons are changing, it’s important to add cleaning your filters to your to-do list. Clearing your air conditioner filter of the particles that have accumulated throughout the season will help ensure the energy efficiency of your system. There are five easy steps that will allow you to fully clean your filters in less than two hours.

1. Turn Off the AC

This first step is simple but very important. Make sure your air conditioner is off before you clean your filters. The dust and other particles your filter would usually prevent from entering your home can come in unfiltered once the filters are removed. Having your system off prevents damaging your air quality while you clean.

2. Observe the Filter

Next, you will remove your filter with a screwdriver. Some systems have multiple filters, so check with your owner’s guide to locate all of them. Once you’ve got them, observe your filters and look for any signs of damage. Any rips, tears, or anything that would indicate the filter is no longer serving its purpose is a sign that you should replace rather than clean it.

3. Vacuum

Before vacuuming your filter, remember that they tend to be delicate. Pressing too hard or being too rough with it could quickly lead to you needing a replacement.

With a hose attachment, lightly vacuum all over your filter. Don’t worry about trying to get any clumps within the fabric; focus on lightly brushing the surface. Once you’ve finished, you’re ready to wash it.

4. Soak and Rinse

In this next step, you will soak your filters in a mixture of one part water and one part white vinegar. Put the mixture in a tub and let the filters sit in it for an hour. This step will get out any clumps left behind after vacuuming. After that, lightly rinse the filters with water and let them completely dry before moving on to the next step.

5. Return the Filter

Before you place the filter back into the system, inspect it one more time. Check for any damage ensure that it is completely dry. Putting a wet filter into your system can invite mold to begin growing in it. Once you’re sure everything is in order, you can reinstall the filter into the system and turn your air conditioner on again.

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