Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

Humidity in Littleton, Colorado

There are many threats to your air conditioner lurking inside of your home. Besides dirty air that can clog the filter, humid air is also less than helpful for your system. Here are three ways that humidity can harm your AC unit.

Your Air Conditioner Can Break

Summer months are when it is the most humid out, so you need your air conditioner the most. It is also when your unit is working its hardest. Your air conditioner cools your house by taking humidity out of the air. Think of humidity as something that creates more work for your system. The more of it there is, the harder your AC unit struggles. You may even turn your air conditioner up higher to stay cool in your residence. This can eventually wear out your cooling system.

Your Home May Not Be Cool

You might find that there are warmer areas in your house, and you may even see fog on your windows. Humidity means that your system can give you an uneven performance and not work well in the summer. Some rooms in your home will be cooler than others, and some areas may even be off-limits. Uneven performance can also mean that some rooms could be too cold.

Your Air Conditioner May Need Earlier Replacement

Like every major appliance, your air conditioner has a useful life. The gentler you treat it, the longer it will last. Frequent strain and repairs will hasten the day when you will need to invest in a new system. Of course, you can protect your AC unit from high humidity by using dehumidifiers in your house. This is a simple investment that can save you money and hassle in the future by keeping your air conditioner working efficiently for you.

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