A Quick HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Colorado Residents

HVAC Maintenance in Littleton, CO

Staying warm and cozy this winter in Colorado requires staying on top of HVAC maintenance, particularly your furnace. Take advantage of this checklist now to ensure that your heater will function properly during the cold months.

1. Change the Air Filter

Replace or clean the furnace air filter. Create a calendar reminder to replace the filter every 30 to 60 days throughout the cold season.

2. Maintain Tidy Vents and Registers

Go from room to room and clean the air vents and registers as you go. If the vents are dirty or obstructed, the heater will have to work harder to circulate air.

3. Check the Thermostat’s Calibration

Adjust the temperature to 75 degrees. Use a handheld thermostat to check the temperature in different rooms throughout your home to see whether the temperatures match. When the two numbers are almost equal, you know your thermostat is set correctly. If the difference is significant, have the thermostat calibrated.

4. Seal Drafts and Air Leaks

Get a professional to look for air leaks in your home’s ducting. If you want your heater to work better and more efficiently, the technician needs to fix these leaks and seal any drafts.

5. Check the Batteries in Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Check all carbon monoxide sensors to ensure their batteries work. Homes with gas heat face the danger of carbon monoxide leaks.

6. Clean Around the Furnace

Clear away any clutter around the heater. Remove any bulky items that may block airflow, and make sure the area is clear of any combustible materials.

7. Book Annual Inspection

Schedule your yearly furnace checkup now. A trained technician will evaluate your heating system, double-checking your maintenance work and cleaning the blower and engine to guarantee maximum efficiency.

If you do these checks in the fall, your furnace should work more smoothly all winter long, keeping your home warm without driving up your energy costs. Glendale residents can contact Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning for HVAC tune-ups, AC and furnace repairs and installations and guidance on improving the quality of the air inside their homes.

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Darek Buczysnki

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