Why a Filter Is Important to Your Furnace

If you want the best air quality in your home, you’ll need a furnace filter. This filter keeps dust and small particles out of your ventilation system. You can even find filters to stop bacteria and germs as well. Most people don’t realize the importance of a furnace filter. Here are some reasons you should always use one with your device.

It Blocks Debris and Dust

The filter is an important part of your furnace. When the air travels through your system, it must pass through this barrier. The filter traps most of the dirt and particulates in the air. This means cleaner air for your home. If you fail to replace your filter, it can become clogged and prevent proper airflow. When you schedule a maintenance visit from Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ll make sure all the filters are replaced.

It Protects Your Heating System

The filter prevents dust and dander from clogging your equipment. In addition to giving you better air quality throughout your home, it keeps your system from working too hard to move that air. The filter does this by blocking dirt from getting into the unit. When excessive dust enters your system, it can cause components to malfunction. If you want the best air quality for your home, you’ll need a clean filter in place. Homeowners should change air filters every one to three months.

It Keeps Your Furnace Functioning

Without a filter, dust and debris can start to cause problems for your whole system. These filters are designed to keep nasty elements out of your furnace. Without them, you can be looking at unnecessary repair bills. You won’t want to deal with costly repairs that were caused merely because you failed to replace the furnace filter.

You should never run a furnace without the right filters. These components are necessary to keep your home warm and healthy. If you need help with the upkeep of your system, call on the professionals at Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning for assistance. We’ll ensure that your furnace in Littleton operates properly and remains in great shape. If you’re looking to schedule regular maintenance visits throughout the year, contact our office. In addition to heating and cooling maintenance, we can assist you with installation or repair. We also perform duct cleaning.

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Darek Buczysnki

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