All year round, you depend on your home’s HVAC in Highlands Ranch, CO, to help you maintain a comfortable living space. However, your heating and air conditioning system is bound to run into problems at one point or another.

    Whether there’s hot air blowing out of your AC unit or your furnace won’t turn on, there are numerous types of issues that can affect the comfort of your home. It’s crucial to get in touch with an experienced pro who can get to the root of the problem and restore your home’s heat or AC as soon as possible. Our trusted heating and cooling company offers a wide selection of services to meet your unique needs.

    Our HVAC services include:

    Reliable HVAC Repair in Highlands Ranch

    How can you tell when your system is in need of repair? While some signs might be more obvious, such as a lack of warm or cool air blowing out of the vents, others may be more difficult to spot, like dirty evaporator coils. Because cooling and heating experts are trained to identify even the smallest flaws in your unit, it’s important to schedule a repair with a professional. They’ll be able to identify exactly what’s causing the problem and implement the best solution for your needs.

    Here are some of the most common HVAC issues that may require a repair:
    • Little to no air blowing out of vents
    • Thermostat not working
    • Unpleasant odors coming from unit
    • Water leaks around unit
    • Unexplained rise in electric bill
    • Uneven cooling/heating throughout home
    • Strange noises coming from unit

    Trusted Heating and Cooling Installation in Highlands Ranch

    Licensed HVAC Contractor in Littleton, COWhile some situations might call for cooling and heating repair, others may warrant a full replacement. A knowledgeable expert can help you decide whether a repair or replacement is in your best interests. Generally speaking, though, it’s recommended to replace your unit if the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of installation.

    When it comes time to replace your unit, you can expect our team to be diligent during every step of installation and pay close attention to detail. Our highly trained experts will take the time to discuss various replacement options with you to help you make the optimal decision for your home. We even offer flexible appointment options to accommodate your busy schedule.

    Furnace maintenance

    Thorough Heating and Air Maintenance

    To avoid issues and keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year long, it’s a must to schedule maintenance on a regular basis. Proper maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your unit, boost its efficiency and reduce the number of repairs.

    During routine maintenance, our dedicated team carefully inspects every part of your furnace or air conditioner, from the evaporator coils to the compressor. They also take the time to thoroughly clean your entire unit to keep everything running smoothly. This process makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining a well-run heating and cooling system.

    Ready to improve the efficiency of your HVAC in Highlands Ranch while cutting down on costs? Feel free to reach out to Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning today to discuss our many heating and cooling services or to schedule an appointment with us!