HVAC Ductwork Basics

It is both paramount to understand and necessary to explain the importance that ductwork has to the HVAC worker. Ducts are the veins and blood vessels of a home’s HVAC system, and the single most effective way to manage and control indoor climate and temperature. This is because ductwork carries and distributes the airflow from a home’s HVAC system to the rest of the home, allowing it to be heated or cooled depending on the needs of the climate and temperature outside. Your duct system works by sucking in the air that enters the building and passes it into your HVAC unit, which then heats and/or cools the air and courses it throughout the ducts of the building.

What You Should Have in a Proper Ventilation System

The efficiency of your ventilation system will depend upon its design. Ducts should have properly designed return vents in order to promote a stable equilibrium of heating or cooling and air pressure. The climate control and efficiency of a building otherwise become very unstable. Professionals at Littleton Heating & Air Conditioning are equipped with the expertise and experience to install and maintain the proper ventilation system that will suit the needs of homeowners in Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas.

Proper Construction and Sealing

The most important aspect of a duct system is its construction. Air can slip through the smallest of gaps, so it’s important for ducts to be properly sealed and insulated.

If not, then the leakage of air from the ventilation system will cause the system to become inefficient, causing a failure of your home/building’s HVAC system and causing them to become much more expensive and wasteful than they need to be.

HVAC units employ air filters to clean and purify the air. When the air is forced along the ducts, this creates a one-way current that repels contaminants like dust, dirt, germs, and mold. Air leakage can also compromise air quality can allow some air pollution into the ventilation system if not corrected.

It is important to use aluminum tape or mastic to seal ducts. Despite the name, duct tape isn’t a suitable sealing agent for duct systems. It is also important to examine your home’s ducts as it’s always possible for contaminants to build up inside them.

We’re Here to Take Care of Your HVAC Needs

Littleton Heating & Air Conditioning serves the HVAC ductwork needs for residents of Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas. Our services include repair, maintenance, and installation of your furnace and air conditioner. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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