How To Light The Pilot Light on Your Hot Water Heater

If all you’re getting out of your faucet is cold water, it’s likely the pilot light has gone out on your hot water heater. In most cases, you can fix this situation yourself and get your hot water back in a few hours. Here are some tips to relight the pilot light.

Find Controls on Your Water Heater

Water heaters have a control knob on the outside located on the gas regulator valve. This is where natural gas pipes into your water heater. Turn the knob to the “off” position. You now need to wait five minutes so that any gas will dissipate.

When you come back to the water heater, smell around it. While natural gas doesn’t smell on its own, gas providers add mercaptan so that it smells like rotten eggs when there’s a leak. If you smell this after five minutes, contact an HVAC professional at Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning. Lingering gas points to a huge safety problem that an expert needs to assess.

Turn the Gas Back On

If everything is safe, turn the knob to “pilot.” You then need to either press down on the knob or press a separate reset button. You will hear a click when the igniter sparks. Older water heaters require you to put a long lit match or BBQ grill lighter over the pilot light to restart it.

You will need to hold down the knob or reset button for a minute once the pilot light is lit. Slowly release it, and the pilot light should stay lit. You can then turn the knob back to the “on” position. You will hear a “whomp” sound once your water heater returns to normal operation.

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