Home Energy Saving Tips for the Spring

You want to keep your energy bills low while cooling your home in the summer. Fortunately, there are various ways to do this, but it would be best to consider these ways while spring is still here.

Have a Pre-Season AC Tune-Up

Perhaps the most important step is to have the AC maintained annually. Most companies will perform what’s called pre-season maintenance, which means a technician will come over in the spring to inspect the system and determine if anything needs repairing. That way, the AC can be up and running as it should be by the time summer arrives.

With maintenance comes clean ducts and coils, which means smooth airflow. Your AC won’t have to strain to do its job, which means lower energy costs. Maintenance can eliminate other issues that compromise cooling, such as overheating.

Use the Programmable Thermostat

Chances are that you own a programmable thermostat but rarely program it. You should know that having the optimum cooling schedule can save you some 10% on your bills. You can create this schedule around those times when the home is unoccupied and when everyone is asleep.

Perhaps you don’t own a programmable thermostat. Here at Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning, we carry a vast array of such thermostats for residents of Littleton, CO. The brand we trust most for these is Lennox.

Seal Up Drafts

Next, you have to focus on your home itself. There could be drafts in the windows, doors, and attic that are letting warm air in and forcing your AC to run more frequently. Seal these up with weatherstripping materials like foam tape. Caulking can be used for pipes.

Add Insulation

The attic can become incredibly hot in the summer, so to prevent that heat from seeping into your home, add insulation. Another option is to replace pre-existing insulation with something that boasts a higher R-value: that is, resistance to heat flow.

Wide Range of Services

Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning provides AC maintenance throughout Littleton. That’s not all, though; we repair and replace comfort units and even deal in generators and boilers. Give us a call for more details.

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Darek Buczysnki

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