Careers in the HVAC Industry

If you’re interested in HVAC careers, you may be surprised at how lucrative the field can be for technicians. These individuals earn an average of $50,000 per year, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but some individuals have an even higher earning potential. Read on to learn more about careers in the HVAC industry.

HVAC Technician

This is the person who comes to your home for HVAC service. He or she has the responsibility of repairing or replacing a unit. The tech is also the person who performs routine maintenance to prevent issues in the future.

System Designer or Engineer

A designer or engineer is the one responsible for creating designs for units. This person finds ways to improve an HVAC system so that it runs as effectively as possible. Generally, a designer or engineer has a background in HVAC already and then furthers his or her education to earn a degree in mechanical engineering.

HVAC Owners and Supervisors

An HVAC owner or supervisor is in charge of all of the technicians. Sometimes, they handle the financial aspect and marketing. Typically, the owner or supervisor isn’t the one who performs the work of repairing, replacing, or maintaining the unit. This individual is the one who handles the “behind-the-scenes” office work associated with the HVAC industry.

Service Manager

The service manager is responsible for supervising the technicians. This person oversees the jobs performed by the technicians to ensure they’re meeting quality standards. Generally, this person possesses management skills and may have the responsibility of scheduling.

If you work at a place like Littleton Heating & Air Conditioning, you help customers with services like routine maintenance and repair. If a system can’t be fixed or a customer wants a new system, one of our techs performs the installation. Plus, there’s room for growth in this field.

To schedule an appointment in Littleton, CO, for service or learn more about you how can join the HVAC field, contact Littleton Heating and Air Conditioning.

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