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    Lennox Boilers - Littleton Heating and Air ConditioningThere are many different types of boilers on the market today. The most common are gas fired units and their efficiency will very based on the design and construction materials used to manufacture them. The main differences between boiler designs are the heat exchangers and venting systems. The two primary types of heat exchangers are cast iron or low mass design.

    Boilers with cast iron heat exchangers are not as efficient as boilers with low mass heat exchangers, but have some advantages besides efficiency depending on the application they will be used for. Low mass heat exchangers come in various designs and construction materials and are available in efficiencies up to 95% and higher in some cases, but they do require special piping techniques to insure proper operation.

    Any boiler that is 90% efficient or higher will have to be vented in PVC vent piping, because they are condensing boilers. Condensing boilers extract additional heat out of the vapor that condenses in the flue gasses to make them more efficient. Also, condensing boilers work extremely well when a low water temperature is required in systems such as radiant in-floor heating.

    Any system that requires a return water temperature of 130 degrees F or less is a perfect match for a condensing boiler. Another advantage of hydronic heating systems, is the ability of having the heating system also take care of heating the domestic hot water. This is done through a indirect water heater which is more efficient and has a much greater capacity for hot water demand than a standard “burner and tank” type water heater.

    Our home comfort specialists are highly trained to help you determine the best solution for your home heating needs., and our highly trained, NATE certified technicians will install whichever type system that best meets the needs and requirements of you and your home in a professional, clean and timely manner.

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