5 Things to Know About the HVAC System in Your Home

There are five things about your heating and cooling system you should know that will save you time and money. Every homeowner should learn these essential pieces of information so they know how to properly maintain their system, help it last as long as possible, and make an informed decision about when it needs to be replaced.

1. What Type of HVAC System Do You Have

You should know what the different components of your HVAC system are, as there are many combinations. You may have a boiler for heating and an air conditioner for cooling. If you have a heat pump, it both heats and cools your home. Your equipment may use natural gas, electricity, propane, or some combination of these.

2. Your HVAC System’s Age

HVAC systems inevitably deteriorate as they get older. Their energy efficiency goes down and they may lose some functionality. By knowing the age of your system, you’re better informed about what its problems may be and when it needs to get replaced.

3. What Filters Are in Your HVAC System

The filters in your HVAC system need to be regularly replaced. There are many filters available, so you need to know which ones your system requires. You should know what type of filter is required and its exact measurements.

4. When Your HVAC System Was Last Inspected

HVAC systems need to receive maintenance from an HVAC professional at least once a year. They’ll often mark their service date on a sticker located on both the heating and cooling equipment.

5. Your HVAC Systems Energy Efficiency

Knowing your system’s energy efficiency helps you know whether you’re paying a reasonable amount on your energy bills. If your system isn’t energy efficient, you’ll want to replace it sooner rather than later with a better one.

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Darek Buczysnki

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