3 Easy Ways to Be More Energy Efficient

Reconciling comfort and energy efficiency can be tricky. You want to keep your home livable during times of extreme heat or cold. However, you also want to do your part for the environment as well as keeping your bills low. These three things can help you be more energy efficient without sacrificing your comfort.

1. Install Adequate Insulation

Even with a furnace on full blast, you may still find yourself shivering in the winter. This is likely due to your home’s lack of insulation. Without proper insulation, a great deal of the heat can just escape while the cold seeps back in. You need to keep drafts from intruding around doors and windows. In fact, if there’s any place in your house that’s giving access to cold air, you should find a way to seal it off. Of course, these same principles apply to maintaining a cool interior during the summer.

2. Replace Your Equipment

Most heating and air conditioning systems that are more than a decade old weren’t designed with the intention of conserving energy. If you’re using one that has been showing signs of age by either not performing as effectively as it should or taking longer than it ought to get started, you might consider replacing it. Even if your older HVAC equipment has been operating fairly well, you can get a lot more out of a new Energy Star model.

3. Get a Smart Thermostat

Constantly adjusting the thermostat greatly inflates your heating bill, and it isn’t an environmentally friendly habit. You can improve your situation by getting a smart thermostat. These sophisticated devices learn which settings are most comfortable for you and automatically adjust the temperature for peak usage and periods when heating or cooling is less necessary.

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Darek Buczysnki
Darek Buczysnki

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