Why is Your HVAC Thermostat Screen Blank in Lone Tree, CO?

A new HVAC thermostat can make it easy to change the desired temperature in your Lone Tree, CO home, especially if it adjusts according to your preferences and daily activities. Unfortunately, if the screen turns blank one day, you may be unable to adjust the temperature as needed. Here are the most common reasons this might happen.

Tripped Breaker

Every modern home has a circuit box that contains breakers for different points of power in the house. If you have outlets and other areas of power not working, then you may have a breaker that needs a reset. If a quick flip of the breaker doesn’t restore power to your thermostat, then something else may be going on with the unit.

Dead Batteries

Thermostats that run on batteries rather than being wired into the wall will need to have their batteries replaced regularly. A simple replacement of the batteries is all you will need to do to determine if this is the issue. If the screen remains blank, then it’s best to have a professional service technician come to identify the problem.

Wiring Issues

Our team has seen many thermostats that have blank screens because of wiring issues behind the device. It’s important to have a service technician perform the repairs of any broken or unresponsive wires in order to maintain safety. In most situations, the power to the HVAC thermostat returns once we repair the wiring.

Install a New Smart Thermostat

Although a blank HVAC thermostat screen can be frustrating, restoring power may be possible. Contact Littleton Heating & Air Conditioning for all your maintenance and installation needs that will keep you comfortable throughout the year in Lone Tree, CO. We provide comprehensive heating, cooling and indoor air quality services that help you maximize whole-home comfort.

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