Why Does My HVAC Thermostat Have an Incorrect Temperature Reading?

During extreme outdoor temperature swings in Littleton, CO, your HVAC thermostat may seem like it struggles to keep up. If you notice the temperature inside your home is much higher or lower than your thermostat setting, there’s likely a problem that needs addressing. Read on to troubleshoot your HVAC thermostat and figure out the issue.


The location of your thermostat in your home matters. If the thermostat is in an area that receives direct sunlight or a place with draftiness or humidity, it may not work correctly. Do you believe that the problem with your thermostat is its location? If so, our team of service technicians can help you find the optimal spot for it.

Size Matters

Many people incorrectly assume that a non-working thermostat means there’s a problem with the appliance itself. However, an incorrectly sized HVAC system is another possible reason. If your system is too large or too small for your home, your thermostat will fight a constantly losing battle to try to regulate the temperature in your home.

Bad Sensor

Your thermostat uses sensors to determine the temperature inside your home. If this sensor isn’t working correctly, your thermostat can display one temperature even if the home is much warmer or cooler than it shows. One of our service technicians can diagnose this problem and help you decide between a new sensor or a new thermostat.

Dirty HVAC Thermostat

When you’re going over your house-cleaning checklist, you probably don’t consider your thermostat. However, a dirty or dusty thermostat can lead to incorrect temperature readings. While you shouldn’t repair your thermostat yourself, you can take the cover off and gently wipe the interior components with a soft cloth.

Our team can help recognize and repair any issues that you experience with your thermostat. We can also upgrade your thermostat to one of our latest models that improve energy efficiency. Contact Littleton Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more.

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