Debunking 7 Common HVAC Myths in Littleton, CO

There’s a lot of misinformation regarding heating and cooling systems. Knowing the truth about HVAC systems is essential because it’ll help keep your home in Littleton, CO, comfortable all year round. Below are common misconceptions about these systems and the truth behind them.

Change the Filters Annually

Replacing the system’s filter frequently is vital. It helps prevent most HVAC problems that relate to airflow. Over time, dust and dirt accumulate on the filters, forming clogs.

Obstruction reduces the airflow, forcing the unit to work harder to attain the desired temperature. The strain on the unit damages the components, like the compressor and blower motor, leading to inefficiency.

Always check with the manufacturer on how often you should change the filters. Inspecting them every month would help since some may require replacement sooner than you expect.

A Big HVAC System Produces Better Results

Although the size of the system matters, a larger HVAC system doesn’t translate to energy savings and increased comfort. Opt for a system that matches the size of your space. A larger unit frequently undergoes short-cycling.

Smaller units run for an extended period to attain the set temperature, hence high utility expenses. When purchasing the unit, consult skilled HVAC service technicians. They will calculate your home’s heating and cooling loads and determine the best HVAC system size.

Maintenance is Only Essential If the Unit Breaks Down

Scheduling preventive system tuneups is crucial for the functioning and life expectancy of your HVAC system. Don’t wait to call a professional after it starts acting up. Normally, experts recommend you plan for a tuneup at least once every year.

Professionals inspect the system thoroughly during a tuneup to identify and fix minor issues. These small problems become complex when you ignore them, prompting expensive repairs or premature system replacement. In addition, routine tuneups increase the HVAC system’s efficiency and keeps the warranty valid.

Always Close the Vents in Empty Rooms

There is a misconception that closing the vents in unused rooms will help you save money. The HVAC system heats and cools all the areas of your home. Closing the vents doesn’t result in reduced heating and cooling.

Instead, closing the vents in empty rooms will trap air in the ducts. This raises the pressure in the vents, resulting in air leaks.

Furthermore, it causes your system to overheat, leading to damage and inefficiency. Keeping the ducts open is more energy efficient.

HVAC System Reduces the Quality of Air in Your Home

The HVAC system’s sole purpose is heating and cooling. It also plays other essential roles, like cleaning and circulating fresh air throughout your home, to create a conducive environment.

It’s important to mention however that you should ensure proper care and maintenance to ensure quality air indoors. Among the things you should do is ensuring scheduling regular maintenance and changing filters habitually.

You Can Repair the HVAC Unit

Due to a ton of online information, you may be easily convinced that by following the tutorials you can repair your system. Fixing HVAC system problems requires the services of skilled and experienced service technicians. They have the appropriate tools, skills and knowledge to complete the task.

A single mistake during DIY repair can cause irreparable damage, shortening the unit’s life expectancy. Always leave all repair services to experts.

The Position of the HVAC Thermostat Doesn’t Matter

Thermostat is a vital device that tells your system the current temperature in the house. This helps determine how much cooling or heating it requires to attain the ideal temperature. So, its position in the house matters.

Don’t install it in cold areas like the basement. Also, avoid places that receive direct sunlight or are closer to the kitchen as it will deliver incorrect readings.

Avoiding these misconceptions will help take your home comfort to the next level. Our locally owned and operated company provides reliable services that guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact Littleton Heating & Air Conditioning for accurate information and quality HVAC repair, installation and maintenance services in Littleton, CO, and the neighboring cities.

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